The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...Cadance, you've seen how Megan interacts with him, yes?"
> "Yes, Master. I've looked in on when she visited him in the clinic."
"Your thoughts?"
> Pondering for a moment, she tilts her head and speaks slowly.
> "She listens well, Master, and is open to him. I think that if we were to - try this, Megan would listen to him then too."
"But would he listen to Megan?"
> Hesitating, Cadance recognizes the difficult question you've laid for her.
> "I - I believe so, Master. He knows she is listening to him, and - for a pony like Barnstormer, I think that is what matters the most: That he is being heard."
"And if he doesn't?"
> You look back to Megan, one eyebrow raised.
"Will he follow her orders, not merely suggestions?"
> "...yes, Master. From her, he will."
> Hmm.
"Alright, sweetheart. You and Flurry, go back and play some more. I'll go talk to Barnstormer tomorrow, and we'll see about this."
> "Yaaaaay-"
> Your interjection cuts through her celebratory whoop.
"But, Megan, in the future, I want you to ask me about these things before you go putting ideas in his head. Or anyone else’s."
> "You didn't say that before..."
"I know, and that's why you're not in trouble. These things aren't so easy, though, and there are reasons I would want answers to some questions first."
> "...alright. But we can still try it, right?"
"After - maybe - after I talk to Barnstormer."
> There's an affirmation in your tone, though, however unintentional it might be, and Megan runs off with another happy yell - Flurry at her heels.
> "...she is entering the age when they get rebellious, isn't she?"
"And Flurry isn't far behind. We're both going to have hell to pay; I can sense it."
> Cadance nods thoughtfully, shuffling her wings.
> "What did you want to talk to Barnstormer about?"
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