The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Looking back through the workshop's door - just within which Barnstormer is talking quietly with Megan - Anonymous grunts again.
> "Okay, Cadance. I'm a little desperate here. I still haven't found anyone willing to come out here to take a look at him, and there's only so much I can do over Skype."
"I see..."
> "That, and Megan needs to learn a bit as well. She's doing well with Flurry Heart, but Flurry's a filly. Some experience in working with adult ponies will do her some good, I think. Teach her how to handle them, how to react."
> Your brows knit, a touch of anger creeping into your voice.
"You are experimenting with the life of a pony, Anonymous?"
> "Experimenting? No, that implies I don't know what will happen. But I don't think she'll hurt him - really hurt him, physically or emotionally - and in the meantime, it will do both of them good."
"I am not happy with this, Anonymous. This is still betting on the outcome, with a pony's life hanging in the balance."
> "Nothing is 'hanging in the balance', Cadance. Barnstormer will still have ponies looking out for him."
> Folding his arms, he shakes his head.
> "If it doesn't work out... I'll see about more significant options. Maybe even sell him off?"
"Selling him?!"
> Your eyebrows shoot up.
> "Towards a major city, where someone can look after him. And to a smaller operation, where he can see better the results of what he's doing."
"Do you have a place in mind?"
> "No. If it comes to that, I will."
> Ears falling flat, you frown.
> It's good to know he's not gambling everything on this, but it doesn't feel like a real plan.
"I am still uncertain of this."
> "Don't get me wrong, Cadance. I'm not certain either, but I don't want him in the clinic forever. Sooner or later it'll be a cell to him, no matter what either of us say."'
> At least you will be there to help them try it out.
> Breaking from Anonymous' side, you step forward into the workshop.
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