The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You can feel your tail swishing angrily as you walk; you force it down and a happier expression onto your face.
"I hope I'm not interrupting anything?"
> "Nu-uh. We were just talking about what we were going to try and do."
"Are you ready, then?"
> Barnstormer nods nervously, looking at the saddle and accompanying gear.
> "Will it fit me?"
"With some adjustments. If it does not, Anonymous may have to get another. Megan, why don't you start?"
> "O-kay. Shining showed me what to do to start..."
> To your surprise, Barnstormer jumps back when she picks up the brush.
> "I-Is that really - needed?"
> Megan frowns deeply and lowers her hand.
> "He said it's so his coat wouldn't get messed up... do you not want me to?"
> "N-No. It's just..."
> Barnstormer pauses, wings fidgeting.
> "'s been a long time since anypony I didn't know brushed me. It just - feels kind of weird."
> "I'll go nice and slow, okay?"
> And she does:
> Slowly dragging the brush along his coat, seeming to smooth out his tensed-up muscles with its calming effect as much as it does the hair covering him.
> Leaning in, you nicker gently and brush your muzzle close to his.
"See, Barnstormer? It's okay. She really is kind."
> His wings slowly relax, settling back down from where they'd been packed against his sides.
> Soon his head has joined them in a relaxed droop.
> Finally Megan drops the brush and retrieves the saddle pad; Barnstormer barely reacts as it is laid across his back.
> The saddle presents a different problem:
> Even once laid across his back and tightened with the straps, it is still loose.
> Not tremendously, but more than you suspect is safe.
> Barnstormer is simply too young a stallion, not the equal of Shining Armor's well-built frame, for it to fit well.
> "Cadance? What do we do?"
"We could try another blanket. But if it is still not tight enough, I don't want to risk your safety, Megan."
> "Awwww-"
> You give her one hard look that shuts the girl right up.
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