The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Megan is blind to the implication.
> Oh, she might understand - abstractly - that it doesn't feel good to be tied up.
> But she doesn't associate the bridle with that.
> She's only seen it used with friends.
> Never with lines of ponies - hobbled with chains, bridled, and linked one to the next.
> To keep them from even thinking of turning aside.
> Leaning in, you drop your voice to a whisper.
"Barnstormer, if this is too much..."
> "N-No. Just - please. Slowly."
> That last bit is as much to Megan; you look aside to make sure she's got the message.
"I got it, Miss Cadance. Slowly."
> She holds the bridle up to his nose, then his cheek; Barnstormer regards the tangled mass of metal and cloth cautiously and you raise an eyebrow.
"What are you doing, Megan?"
> "Something I saw on Youtube. They said it was, um, for 'haltering', you had to get them used to it first-"
"Oh, sweetheart."
> You can't help a slightly bitter smile coming to your lips.
"That's not why he doesn't like it. I'm sure it's plenty safe for him, but it's just... hard for us, sometimes."
> "I'm sorry..."
> Her hand falls down, bridle jingling where it falls to the floor.
> "I thought it might help a little bit-"
"You didn't do wrong, Megan, and Barnstormer might still want to try it. Will you?"
> "Y-Yes. I'll try it."
> "Yes!"
> Megan jumps and almost does a little clap, nearly forgetting she still holds the bridle in one hand.
> "Just say if it's scaring you, okay Barnstormer?"
> "I-I will."
> He doesn't, though you can clearly see the nervousness and fear filling every inch of him.
> Eventually Megan slips it on over his head - tightening the straps, adjusting the buckles to accommodate his smaller skull.
> "This isn't too tight, is it?"
> "No, Miss Megan... but, um..."
> Barnstormer shuffles in place, eyes sweeping back and forth as he struggles for the words.
> That internal fight is a hard one for him.
> In the moment she turns away, Barnstormer seems to sink into himself:
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