The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> His eyes squeeze shut, and he wordlessly mouths something to himself - some repeated mantra, you think, although you aren't certain of the exact words.
"Maybe it would be best if we didn't-"
> "N-No. I'll - I'll be okay. Could we skip the bit this time, though? Maybe?"
> You hear the unspoken 'please' in his voice and dearly hope Megan does too.
> Fortunately, she does.
> "That's fine, Barnstormer. Just, walk slowly now, okay?"
> "Yes, I will!"
> The relief is so complete that he doesn't even bother hiding how obvious it is.
> "Okay. In that case, um... I'll just leave this here-"
> The bit falls, left hanging at the side of his head.
"I think that looks good. Megan, why don't you let me lift you up onto his back?"
> A quick glances shot at Barnstormer gives the silent command to remain still as you light your horn.
> Ironically, it is Megan who actually stays too still:
> Rigid and stuff until you finally settle her atop the stallion's back.
> Barnstormer wavers as her weight settles on him, shifting a back and forth on his hooves but not wavering too much.
> There a few problem is encountered:
> With Shining Armor, the stirrups for Megan’s legs had fit cleanly on his sides.
> Not so here; Barnstormer shifted awkwardly as their weight settled over his wings.
> Immediately he began the awkward side-shifting dance of a pegasus terribly nervous about having his wings pinned.
> Quickly you lift her legs back up with your magic.
“Don’t let them sit over his wings, Megan. It’s not comfortable for him at all.”
> “Oh. Sorry, Barnstormer!”
> “It’s okay, Miss Megan.”
> “But, um, where do I put my feet then?”
> Some experimentation proves that moving the stirrups forward - in front of his wings - only determines that left there, they rub awkwardly on the wing-root.
> In the end, you ask Barnstormer to stand with his wings fully spread as Megan settles her legs on his sides.
> Only then do you have him let them back down - over her legs.
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