The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Megan doesn't seem to mind.
> Actually, she giggles and hugs his neck.
> "Is this good? It feels like you're hugging my legs."
> "I - I don't know, Miss Megan. It feels better, but still a little strange. They feel kind of like really light saddlebags."
> He twists his head to look back at her; in that moment some understanding passes between them:
> That they were both nervous, but by admitting that to each other could both face their own troubles.
"Just don't got too fast. That way, you can learn early if there's something wrong."
> "O-oof. Yeah, I don't think I'll be going too fast for now. This - this is going to take some getting used to."
"I'm not surprised."
> Megan reaches forward to ruffle the stallion's mane before grabbing the reins.
> "Okay, let's get ready to do this..."
> Her heels nudge his sides, but Barnstormer only gives her a curious look.
> Megan flushes beneath her helmet.
> "...that means 'walk'. Um, sorry."
> "You could always just say."
> "Okay, um, walk?"
> His first steps are nervous, shaky, as if he fears dropping the girl from his back and incurring some furious punishment at the hands of her father.
> When that doesn't come, however, he picks up to a more normal walking pace; on his back, Megan relaxes too when she realizes he'll be able to take her weight.
> Outside waits the final test:
> Anonymous still rests with folded arms against the side of the building.
> Barnstormer emerges first with Megan; you follow close behind in case he falters.
> But he does not, only looking up at his owner for reassurance
> Anonymous studies the two for a few moments - walking in a slow circle around the girl and stallion, occasionally tugging on a strap or testing the fit of her helmet.
> Eventually, however, he nods his satisfaction and pats the stallion on his rump.
> “Cadance, keep a close eye on him. I’m a little iffy on that extra blanket, but it looks good.”
"Yes, Master."
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