The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "And Megan... go easy on him. This is still new for him, remember."
> "Yes, Daddy."
> You can hear a touch of that petulant, annoyed tone in her voice - but only a touch.
> And then she nudges his sides with her heels again, calling out:
> "Let's go, Barnstormer!"
> Trotting off close behind, you keep a wary eye on the pair.
> Fortunately, Megan seems to have a good grasp on things - soon finding the most comfortable position to ride in.
> She is also keeping well away from the more hazardous fields she'd once shot through on Shining Armor, instead keeping to the well-worn paths.
> A few ponies look up from their work, heads tilting questioningly at the strange sight.
> But nopony seems to argue.
> Confusion is far more evident than anger.
> Perhaps in part because Megan is clearly leaving some things up to Barnstormer; every couple minutes she would lean forwards and whisper something into his ear, earning an affirmative nod or negative shake from him.
> Quickly you come to understand:
> She was checking in with him, finding out what worked and what did not.
> A smile graces your lips - why had you worried?
> She was clearly deeply caring for him, and-
> Megan nudges his sides again; if not for the fact that she had to lean forward and whisper an explanation of what that meant, you might have been taken off-guard.
> As is, you join them in picking up a faster trot.
> Barnstormer's sides are starting to pump, his nostrils flaring as he is forced to take in more air to compensate for the heavier load on his back.
> But still he doesn't stop.
> If anything you can see him growing more excited:
> Testosterone starting to flow, the high of a good run starting to rise.
> His wings twitch against his sides; if not for the firm admonishment not to fly, Barnstormer would surely have launched himself for into the sky by now.
> That he has not is surely a point in his favor.
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