The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> By the time Megan pulls him to a stop, his sides are well and lathered with sweat.
> "Do you feel like going on, Barnstormer?"
> "If - if it's all the same - the same with you, Miss Megan, I think I could use a rest."
> "It's fine!"
> Leaning forward, she wraps both her arms around his neck - earning a nervous shying back from him before he settles again.
> "Let me just get off-"
> Of course, once they had stopped you'd let your guard down.
> Too late to light your horn again and catch Megan as she stands in the saddle, swings one leg over, and tumbles to the ground.
> "I'm okay! I'm fine!"
> She actually giggles as Barnstormer leans his head down to deliver a questioning nuzzle.
> Pushing herself back upright, Megan hugs him again.
> "C'mon. Let's go get some water."
> Much like Shining Armor, Barnstormer doesn't seem to care that the wash-down he receives comes from a hose.
> Instead he simply collapses on the warm tarmac and relishes the frigid water running down his coat - slumping down onto his belly in relief.
> "Ooooh, my hooves ache..."
> "Oh no! Are they hurt? I forgot to check for anything before I got on-"
> Nickering gently, he lifts his head to nuzzle Megan.
> "No, it's fine. I'm just not used to doing all that walking with a heavy load. Mostly it's my wings that are tired at the end of the day."
> Chuckling softly, you settle down prone yourself and smile at the two.
"A bit of exercise between will help with that, in time."
> "I know..."
> Pausing, Barnstormer looks up to Megan and tilts his head.
> "I-If it's okay, can you take the bridle off please?"
> She does it without hesitation, and he gives a little whinnying sigh of relief.
> That comes to an abrupt halt as Megan throws her arms around him in spite of his sopping wet coat.
> In fairness to her, amid the summer heat it must have felt delightful too.
> "Thank you, Barnstormer..."
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