The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> His wing extends to circle her, clearly unexpected to and unprepared for this degree of affection and thanks.
> "Y-You're welcome..."
> "Was it what you wanted?"
> "I... I'm not sure yet. It was different. Strange. Maybe yes. I'll have to think about it."
> The notion of serving - of being ridden by a captor - is still eating at him, you can tell.
> But there's also something growing in his eyes, something expectant and hopeful.
> Megan sees that much too, and nods with a fierce expression.
> "You're going to get stronger. Then we can do this even more, and then you'll see!"

"So, what did you do with him in the end?"
> "Sent him back to his quarters for the night. There is a guard watching from a distance, but I don't think Barnstormer will be any trouble."
"He's changed his mind, then? Bonded with her already?"
> You throw yourself back on the bed, tucking one arm behind your head to keep it propped up.
> Cadance follows, standing beside the bed with a pondering expression.
> "More that he's got a lot on his mind. I think he's still feeling out how it means to relate to someone like that."
"Thinking is good, though. Keeps his mind off the despair."
> "Exactly why I don't think he will be a risk to himself or others. I still put the guard there anyhow, though."
"Covering your bases is good."
> You pat the bed beside you.
> She accepts the invitation, sprawling out but keeping a fair distance from you.
"There's something else I need to talk to you about regarding Barnstormer, actually. I've been thinking - if this thing with Megan works out, I might transfer him to be fully under her authority."
> "Fully?"
"Yes. He'd become her responsibility entirely - with reasonable oversight. He'd still put in his work hours, but it'd go through her instead. And then, if she wants some time with him, that'd be her prerogative as well."
> Cadance cocks her head slightly, one ear tilting down.
> "I understand why, Anonymous, but why do you ask me about this?"
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