The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Because when I mean it would be handing him over to Megan entirely, I mean entirely. Everything would be through her... including rewards, or punishments."
> "Oh."
> Her voice had grown unexpectedly small, and you nod as understanding settles.
"Now, there'd still be some reasonable oversight. I wouldn't let her do anything insane. But, I did give you responsibility for all the ponies here. I don't want to pull that from you without a talk first."
> Cadance's eyes fall, her hoof tracing lightly on the bed's surface.
> "I... appreciate that. Very much."
"At some point she's going to have to learn to manage ponies, and Barnstormer is a pony she cares about."
> "Flurry Heart is a pony."
> That is dismissed with a shake of your head.
"She's also a foal. And... well, you know her past."
> A prickle runs through Cadance's coat, down her back to the base of her tail.
> "I could never forget."
"She'll need practice with adults too. But I've also been thinking about what you said about gambling with Barnstormer's future too. If you want me to wait for a different pony, one who isn't in such a fragile place..."

Despite this being told from Anon's perspective, it's Cadance's reaction that you get control of over here. What does she say about this? Agree to it, entrusting Megan with what Anonymous has trusted her with? Or is this too much a gamble, just after she had scolded Anonymous for doing the same?
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