The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Give him a while, Anonymous."
> One hoof stretches out to lightly touch your shoulder.
> "I know you are eager to see Megan begin to learn. But these things do not happen in an hour, or even a day. He still has much to overcome. Be patient."
"...yeah. Yeah, I suppose that is a good point. No good just pushing him into this."
> "And if something did happen, how terrible would it be for Megan's first experience aside from Flurry to be with a pony who..."
> She doesn't finish.
> There's no need to; you get the point:
> If Barnstormer did regress, another attempt on his own life might happen.
> Megan had only half understood what ailed Barnstormer to begin with.
> If it happened again...
"Point taken. Not just yet, then - give them a bit more time to bond first."
> "Also, let me speak to him first. You mentioned how important it was to get my consent, but it could be just as bad if Barnstormer thought he was going to be just 'thrown away'."
"It's exactly the opposite, though!"
> Cadance nods, watching you closely with those great, huge eyes of hers.
> Eyes which now half-close, as if thinking on something distant.
> "I know, Anonymous. I know. But Barnstormer does not, and the sense that you are being shoved around without any say in it at all could be very bad for him at this moment."
"...very well. Time it is, then."
> "And also-"
> You raise a hand defensively, easing her back.
"It's okay, really. I understand. Time will be given."
> "Sorry, Anonymous."
> A true apologetic smiles lifts the corners of her mouth; however, it does not reach her eyes.
> "Sometimes I suppose I get - protective of these ponies. Of my ponies."
"I know, Cadance."
> This time it is you who reaches out, taking her hoof in your hands:
> Rubbing it's hardened wall, feeling the softness concealed within that tough rim.
> A soft inside, guarded behind a toughened wall of protection.
> How very much like her.
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