The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> However, you know just how to break past that wall...
"On to... other topics, I've got some good news for you as well."
> Her head tilts, one ear lifted.
"I heard back from Shining's owner today too."
> "You did?!"
> Instantly she perks up, ears fixated forward as a wide and excited grin appears on her face.
> You can't help but mirror that smile.
"Yes. Shining is still grounded for a while on account of running away, but he's agreed to start thinking about letting you two have calls together - even set a date for seeing each other aga-"
> You don't even make it to the end of the sentence because Cadance all but leaps from her resting spot and tackles you into the mattress with a delighted whinny.
> "Ohhhh, yes! Oh, thank you Anonymous! Thank you so much."
"Easy, Cadance!"
> Breath driven from your lungs, you laugh (with some wheezing) and pat her on the withers.
"Ooof. And I thought having Megan bounce on me was bad!"
> She backs off and settles back down with an abashed, but not before you catch the shimmer of dampness in her eyes.
> "F-Forgive me. That wasn't proper of me-"
"Elation at being able to see him is perfectly normal. Just try not to sacrifice my ribs in the name of it, okay?"
> Patting her side, you chuckle:
"Remember, you have Earth Pony strength in you too."
> She seats herself again, but you can just see the nervous energy all but vibrating in her.
> It's only a temporary reprieve from her overjoyed outburst, at most.
"Now, don't get yourself too worked up. It'll be a while yet - we'll agree on a time, and it might be a while."
> "Of course, of course. But don't you see, Anonymous - oh, don't you see?"
> Cadance's hooves beat a little drum-like beat against the bed, her face still split by a wide smile.
> "It still going to happen. That's enough! Just - just knowing, not being completely in the dark - that's all I need."
"Well then take your joy in that much, at least."
> You lay back down on the bed, smiling still.
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