The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Now, go tell your daughter. I imagine she'll be just as overjoyed to hear as you are."
> No 'thank you' is given as Cadance has leaps from the bed and scampers from the room.
> But none is needed.
> Some things speak for themselves.
> Unfortunately, you can't remain resting forever:
> While Cadance is busy passing the news to Flurry Heart, you go to seek out your own daughter.
> Megan is found curled up on her own bed with a book, and eagerly jumps up when you enter.
"Hey there, sweetheart! Heard you had a good bit of fun with Barnstorme- oof!"
> Grabbing her in the tackled hug she'd hit you with, you spin around once before setting her back on the bed.
> Is everyone going to do this to you today?
> "A whole lotta fun. He's super, super nice! But he's kind of scared sometimes."
"Just remember, he's as new to this as you are. Barnstormer is learning too; you can't expect this to be like with Shining Armor, when he could do all the teaching."
> "Uh-huh. But he is learning."
> Megan pauses, then asks softly:
> "Daddy? What is the bit for?"
"Which bit of..?"
> "The one on the bridle."
> Ooooh.
> That bit.
"Well, mostly so that you can signal him without needing to talk. For him, you can just tell him where you want to go since he's an Equestrian pony - but it's faster if you just use the reins to signal through the bit. Especially when you’re going fast. Why do you ask?"
> "Barnstormer was afraid of it."
> You seat yourself on the bed beside her, holding out an arm to offer a hug.
"Is that why he wasn't wearing it when I saw you go past?"
> Megan is all too happy to take advantage of the hug, leaning in against your side.
> "Yeah. He really, really didn't like it there."
"Well. Sometimes, if you pull too hard on the bit it can hurt them. Imagine if you stuck something in your mouth and pulled too hard-"
> Of course, she actually does it with a finger.
> Right there.
> And then winces, because - well, ow.
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