The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Yep. Just like that. Even worse, because it goes between their teeth."
> "But..."
> Megan frowns a little, attempting another tug on the corner of her mouth to test.
> "It wasn't like that. He was scared of just the sight of it..."
"If I had to guess, one of his previous owners might have used it to try and control him. If they used it the wrong way, it could really have hurt him already."
> "Will he ever be okay with it?"
> Megan's murmured question draws a shrug from you.
"I don't know. You'll have to ask him what exactly upsets him about it. If he wants to tell, then you can maybe do something to help him."
> "Okay, daddy."
> ...
> It's little surprise to you that Megan opts to have her next riding attempt with Barnstormer no more than a few days later.
> This time you decide you're going to come along with them.
> You hadn't seen her set up the saddle the first time, but she's clearly much more comfortable with it now - moving through the steps with care and precision.
> Each of Barnstormer's hooves is checked carefully, and the saddle fitted with the extra pad as it had been before.
> This time, however, you're there to see what she means about the bridle.
> From your perspective, it is clear:
> Clearly this pony had a lot of very bad experiences with it in the past.
> He still stiffens up when she tries to put it on, even though he must know she doesn't actually mean him harm.
> Once again the bit is left hanging unused at the side of the bridle.
> Eventually Megan is ready, looking up to you with wide eyes.
> "Can you put me on, Daddy?"
"Of course, sweetheart."
> Barnstormer grunts softly as you settle the girl onto his back, but both of them work together to quickly gets her stabilized.
“You know, I can find some recommendations if you want to work out and strengthen you back.”
> Too late you remember that it could be taken as an order rather than an offer.
> Fortunately Barnstormer shakes his head, the bridle jingling loosely.
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