The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You seat yourself down beside him - resting your back against the sun-heated wall.
“Okay, I see where you’re going with this. But how does what Megan’s doing help?”
> “The riding? It might not. I don’t even know if he really cares about it.”
“Wait, you’re saying this is all completely useless -”
> “No. Just, listen a sec.”
> His wing tucks back down and Thunderlane stares into the sky a moment or two as he thinks.
> “It’s - it’s not the riding. It’s that she cares for him when he does it. It’s that she tends to him every time before and after, with her whole heart. When he helps her back, she loves it. It wouldn’t work with a girl who wasn’t already devoted like-”
> He cuts off and shrugs .
“You sound pretty certain of this.”
> “I talked to Shining Armor a lot when he was here. I think he’d say the same thing about his first encounter.”
“, it’s that he is being cared for by someone.”
> “And has someone to care about. It’s a two-way thing. We’ll bend over backwards to help a friend. That’s how it was back in Equestria - everypony helping each other.”
“It didn’t have to be her?”
> “No. Although, who she is probably helps. But she was the one who went down to look after him, to speak with him when there wasn’t any need to be.”
“He isn’t afraid of her.”
> Stating the obvious lifts a weight from your shoulders - but also forces you to admit, silently, the opposite counterpart to that:
> Barnstormer is scared of you.
> Not quaking, but he certainly wasn’t comfortable around you.
“Can I ask you to do a favor for him, Thunderlane? Make sure he gets out and around. Make certain he has other ponies to talk to too.”
> “Already trying, when I can.”
“Good. He said he was asking some of them for exercises to help him strengthen himself up for Megan-”
> “Oooh, he wants exercises, does he?”
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