The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> One eyebrow rises at the excitement flooding into the stallion’s voice.
“...I take it you approve?”
> “Did I ever tell you I was an athlete, back in Equestria?”
> Sitting back on his haunches, Thunderlane does a little tip-tap stomping dance with his forehooves
> “Exercises? I’ve got exercises for him!”
“Alright, alright!”
> You can’t help but chuckle at his antics.
“Just - don't got overboard on the poor guy either, okay?"
> "Relax - I have a little brother too, remember?

> You appear before Anonymous the next morning, soon after breakfast.
"Master - there's something I want to do with you today, so if there's time...?"
> Setting the newspaper he'd been reading down, Anonymous raises an eyebrow in question.
> "Go on?"
"Arlene Donovan... I want to call her back. You should be there."
> "You're going to even bother with a response to her offer?"
"Yes - I think I am. Partly because I think she'll try to push her way in here again to get one otherwise. But also because I think it might actually change her perspective to get this. Maybe convince her to rethink her positions."
> Anonymous hisses through his teeth, chest deflating slowly.
> "Well, I can't say your logic is bad. I don't think it'll convince her if I'm there, though."
"It's not for her. You're right; maybe she shouldn't see you. But I think you should be there to see me."
> Because, perhaps, he would be more willing to let it happen if he was watching in.
> Rubbing his chin and shrugging, Anonymous pushes himself up from his seat.
> "Okay, Cadance. You've convinced me. Where do you want to do this?"
"With your computer? I would very much like to do it by video, if possible."
> "Over the internet? Sure."
> While the computer boots up, you think on what to say.
> Arlene meant well, yes.
> But her plans imperiled more than they would save - to you, at least.
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