The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You should have thought about this before asking Anonymous to get started.
> Waiting for the computer to start up, and then sending a message to Arlene, waiting for her to reply and a call to begin...
> It's positively nerve-wracking!
> Of course, you'd made your choice long ago.
> Practically, it felt, the moment you had told Anonymous what she'd planned.
> But certainly after taking counsel with your three closest ponies.
> So then why did you feel so-
> "Hello?"
"Miss Donovan?"
> "Cadenza?"
"Yes. I've called you about your offer - could we use the, ah, video camera device?"
> "A video call? Yes, of course - one moment-"
> Fortunately, once she initiates it first you can figure out how to answer the call on your end.
> The sight that greets you is rather different than you'd expected.
> For how driven she was you'd expected her to occupy a pristine and organized office.
> Instead she is ensconced behind - really within the arms of - a table buried in enough books and piles of papers to rival Sunburst's quarters.
> More importantly, you can see the change in her too.
> There is a tiredness in her eyes, lines on her face you had not seen before.
> This is a woman whose task has taken something out of her, too.
> Yet she still brightens when she sees you, and for a moment you almost feel sorry for having to deliver the news you bear.
> "So! What I proposed. I assume you've thought deeply, and..."
> Arlene trails off, finally seeming to consider the room visible behind you.
> "...where exactly are you right now, Cadenza?"
> Drawing a deep breath, you gather your strength.
"I am afraid I must refuse your offer, Miss Donovan."
> A look of confusion passes over her face, trailed soon after by concern.
> "Cadenza, I could protect your daughter. He can't hold her over your head any longer-"
"No. This is not about fear, or threats. Miss Donovan, I want to make it totally clear: I am not taking the side of a slaver in this."
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