The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Then why-"
> You continue talking over her.
> This is not the time or place to get involved in an argument.
"In fact, honestly, I must thank you. I do not want to disparage your work or doubt your motives, and I am deeply relieved that there are some out there looking to end the tyrannical abuses ponies face. There is nothing that I wish for more than the end of slavery, an evil however it may be perpetrated. Nothing I wish for more than them to be treated as equals, not as property."
> In the face of your monologue Arlene has temporarily given up:
"However... what this is about is the danger to my ponies. Here. Now. Even if you did succeed in your prosecution, even if it did bring my owner down, what would happen to all of them? You cannot say for certain - they could be split up, sent anywhere. 'Acceptable losses' are something you may have, ponies are strongest together."
> Her head falls, hair sweeping forward to cloak over her face.
> "I am not going to be able to move you on this."
"No, Miss Donovan. I am afraid not."
> You cock your head.
"May I tell you something? About what once happened in the past?"
> "I... yes."
"Once before, I planned an escape from here. Managed to get nearly a hundred ponies out... and it was an utter failure. Most were returned; some were hurt or died alone in a world that would not be kind to them."
> As you speak you can feel the old emotions welling up:
> Regret, pain, anger at yourself for allowing them to come to harm.
"I leaped at what seemed like an opportunity - and failed as a leader then, because I forgot what being ponies meant. It means we support each other, in harmony - and it means I will not cast them to the chance of fate again."
> "You are right, Cadenza. I cannot give you assurances about what will happen to the other ponies there."
"It is my understanding that, in your legal system, the property of one convicted of a serious crime is often forfeit."
> "This is true, yes."
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