The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> There's an emptiness in her voice which suggests a sense that it was no longer worth it to hide such things from you.
"Then you understand why I cannot."
> You lean in towards the camera - and then back again, when you remember that approaching a camera does not work the same as leaning into a face-to-face meeting.
"Please, Miss Donovan. I do not want to see you give up this work. What you do is important. This was simply the wrong target; it is not the worst slave camp out there. Please - do keep fighting. Do not give up this struggle."
> Edges of her mouth curling up into the slightest smile, Arlene looks back up at you again.
> "I would warn you of how much this might delay freedom for all ponies, but I think I have already made that point thoroughly."
"It is a cost I will accept. Anonymous was not always the kindest master, but he is not guilty of what you accuse him. Now, this has become a shelter. A place where I would bring ponies, so that they could be safe."
> "Is any pony safe in slavery?"
> Now it is your turn for a slightly embittered smile to raise the corners of your mouth.
"Touche. But my point stands - the more ponies who come here, the more of us are united. The more united we are..."
> "...the stronger you become. Yes, I do see your point."
"Take one step at a time, Miss Donovan. Focus on the places where ponies are in danger. Do whatever you can. I will cheer each victory you have."
> "Then I'll have to give you plenty of them, Cadenza."
"And... please. Simply Cadance."
> "But - it is your name-"
"Cadance is simply fine. I feel as though Cadenza is - a name I can’t use now."
> Except, perhaps, from Shining Armor.
"Not until every pony is freed. Then I may finally be Mi Amore Cadenza again."
> "Cadence, then. I.. don't suppose your Master will allow us to talk again, so this might be the last time I can speak to you for a very long time."
"You will not try to pursue this further?"
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