The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I cannot push charges with just what I have, and I've already done what I can."
> Eyes falling again, she rests her elbows on the table as if needing to support herself.
> "That still gets to me. He won't ever face justice for what happened to Chrysocolla..."
"What you saw weighs on you."
> "It's hard not to, seeing a body laid out on a table like that. Especially with how she died. But I probably don't have to tell you that."
"No. You do not. But I can tell you this: Chrysocolla's death was only indirectly brought on by cruelty. There are so many places where death is directly brought - ponies too weak, too old, or too resistant to work. Let that anger fuel you."
> "It will. Believe me, it will."
"Then I will hope to see you again some day - when all ponies are free, and both our wars against slavery will be over."
> Once the connection closes, Anonymous stirs.
> "You spoke awfully strongly there."
"About slavery?"
> You turn to look at him.
"Would she have believed me if I had not?"
> Chuckling, he shakes his head.
> "I suppose not."
> You stand to move to his side
"Besides - my heart is not going to change. I will always long for the day when I am no-one's property."
> His hand settles on your withers.
> "I gave up trying to change that long ago."
> No more words are spoken until you have departed the house, heading outside with Anonymous at your side.
"Anonymous? What would you have done if I said yes? If I had given her the information?"
> "What, do I have to be afraid that you secretly have? And this was all nothing more than a distraction?"
"I am serious, Anonymous!"
> He comes to a stop still some distance from the nearest buildings.
> A few ponies look to you in passing, but none approach.
> "There was... a backup plan if I was convicted. I talked it out with Randall, worked it out until it was fairly solid."
> Your eyebrows rise, prompting him to go on.
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