The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I would have transferred actual ownership of the camp to Megan, via a limited-liability corporation."
"But Megan is a child. She cannot run the business yet!"
> "But a child's property can become the responsibility of their legal ward."
> He turns to look down at you, his eyes hooded.
> "And ponies can be made legal guardians of children."
> It takes a moment for you to comprehend what he is implying.
"You - you would have made me-"
> "Effectively the owner, yes. Whether because Arlene had managed to get you freed, or because you would have remained Megan's property even as you were her guardian."
"That does not sound legal."
> "There is precedent. It's meant for ponies taking temporary responsibility of minors while parents are out, but there is precedent."
> But...
> That would have left you…
> Anonymous’ hand settles on your back again.
> “I suspected you wouldn’t ever forgive me for putting you in that position.”
“I… don’t know.”
> “It’s okay. It would have been cruel, in many ways. But it would have at least stalled them out while I worked through the sentence.”
> You huff gently; your ears twitch, but stay upright.
“Will it ever be set right, some day?”
> “Yes.”
> Eyebrows rising, you twist your head to look up at Anonymous.
> He shrugs.
> “It can’t last forever. The movements are gaining strength, laws are changing… this won’t be an eternity.”
> Your voice is a whisper.
> “I couldn’t say. Long enough we still have to think about the future.”
> Of course.
> He wouldn’t be planning to install his daughter as manager if he thought it was coming that soon.
> Somehow you still feel disappointed, yet the mere fact that he acknowledges slavery must bend is still heartening.
“Someday, then.”
> …
> Fall isn’t here quite yet, but there’s already a subtle, shift in the air already.
> The first hint of the scent of turning leaves.
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