The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You draw a deep breath, savoring that aroma - the sign of the season’s change again.
> Perhaps this year you would ask Anonymous to attempt a proper Running of the Leaves…
> Shaking your head to dispel the fantasy, you continue on behind Megan.
> Barnstormer was already waiting for her:
> The tack and saddle laid out at his hooves.
> While she sets about putting them on with Flurry Heart’s assistance, you pause next to him and murmur:
“You’re sure you feel ready for this?”
> “Absolutely. I stretched this morning, and I know it feels right.”
“I’ll still be alongside you. For however long it is, anyhow - until you touch down again.”
> “Not planning on flying for that long, so I think we should be good.”
“Okay. Megan, you’re ready?”
> “Uh-huh.”
> She’s finished tightening the saddle’s girth straps, and moves to his head to set the bridle on.
> This time, however, when she tightens it into place Barnstormer hesitates.
> “Megan, I… I think you should use the bit.”
> “What? But you hate it-”
> “You’re going to be relying on me to carry you. I have to know if you’re stable. If you’re slipping, you can use it to tell me quickly-”
> His voice is almost a whisper, and you can see the instincts screaming at him not to.
> Megan huffs softly, folding her arms.
> “It’s not - why are you so scared of them, even?!”
> Freezing with his wings half-open, Barnstormer chokes on the answer.
> “I…”
“Megan, sweetheart… it’s not something he may be ready to answer yet.”
> “No, it’s okay, I…”
> His head falls, ears pinned and tail slashing back and forth.
> “...when they were marching us out, they hooked us up in lines. One pony after another, bridle and bit. Couldn’t even look to one side to see our homes as we marched away. Just the next pony in front of us, marching, marching…”
> “Why?”
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