The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Barnstormer leans over, nickering as he nuzzles her back.
> "But you - you need to, Mistress Megan. It's for your safety. For your father. You could be hurt."
> "So could you!"
> Stepping in, you light your horn and separate them.
"Megan. I know you don't want to make him feel bad, but there are some things you cannot get away from so easily."
> On her opposite side, Flurry Heart nuzzles Megan's leg.
> "It's okay, Mistress. Some things we trust you with."
> Tears bead in her eyes, but Megan reaches up to slip the bit into his open mouth.
> Barnstormer's jaw twitches and shifts about getting used to the old sensation again.
> His whole body is stiff, but you do not stop him:
> It's clear how hard he is trying to keep the old memories under control.
> To step in now would be tantamount to admitting you had not trust in him, and that you weren't going to do.
> This was his moment.
> Once she has clipped it in place, he apprehensively turns his head from side to side in an achingly slow creep - as if testing that he could do so without causing himself overwhelming pain.
"You're okay, Barnstormer?"
> Yet another shudder runs nose-to-tail through his coat, but he manages.
> "Yeth, mi' 'Adansh."
> Megan sniffles once then hugs him fiercely around the muzzle.
> In lieu of a proper, spoken answer through the bit he gives another soft nicker.
> "C-Can I climb on now, Barnstormer?"
> "Yesh, Mish'resh."
> She does, taking up the reins only with some hesitation.
> Although just the act of lifting them would be enough to harm him.
> Without prompting Barnstormer walks around in a slow circle, Flurry Heart hovering close at Megan's side with a worried expression.
> When he has made one circuit his head twists back around to look at her questioningly.
> No words are needed this time:
> Megan gives a fierce nod, starting to grip the reins more tightly.
> "Okay. I'm ready."
> You'd chosen the same field you'd once given Megan her first flying ride over for this.
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