The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Half because it was simply a good location, and half so that (you hoped) it would keep her from panicking at the rather different experience of riding a saddled pegasus mid-air.
“Do you think you will to pick up speed before trying to fly?”
> “No - ‘fraid - fraid I’ll go ‘ead over hoof. Star’ ‘ere.”
> Barnstormer’s speech is slurred, but still clear enough for you to understand.
> Taking two paces back, you gesture Flurry Heart to your side.she gives her mistress once last nervous glance.
> Your horn lights as Barnstormer opens his wings - preparing to catch Megan if need be.
> She is gripping the reins with white knuckles, her eyes wide and fearful beneath the riding helmet.
> One, two, three beats of his wings - he rears up, and Megan leans forward with him.
> You can see the muscles bunching in his legs to leap, but when he does it isn’t quite enough to go airborne.
> When he comes back down, you are already taking a hoofstep forward and slowing Megan’s descent.
> Her coming down too hard could be terrible for both of them.
“Easy there!”
> Snorting unhappily, Barnstormer shakes his head.
> Megan, however, is far more worried for him than her own well-being:
> “Oh no! Did I pull too hard?”
> “No, Mi’ressh.”
> He snorts again, tossing his head angrily.
“Now, Barnstormer. I know you don’t normally have to take a running start, but maybe this time it would be a good idea?
> He grunts, but nods with a jingle of the bridle.
> “A’righ’.”
> At the end of the field, Megan nudges his sides with her heels and Barnstormer explodes into motion.
> From no motion on his first attempt to a flat-out gallop on his second; each step kicks up dirt while Megan hunkers down on his back.
> Even you, with your long and graceful stride, are forced to a gallop to keep up.
> Flurry Heart is hampered by her short, foal-sized stride and gives up entirely - quickly taking to the air to keep up.
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