The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> His first wingbeat again doesn’t quite bring him airborne.
> With the second and third, though, his hooves cease striking the ground.
> Each following beat is a labored, forceful sweep slamming air towards the ground; there is no grace or smoothness in how he flies.
> Fly he does, though:
> Megan whooping excitedly even as she is bounced with each stroke.
> Though your horn is lit, there isn’t yet any need to reach out grasp her with your magic.
> Heads below turn and ponies look up:
> Wondering at the sight passing overhead.
> Some smile, a few wave, even one briefly launches to join his unsteady flight.
> That flight does not last longer than thirty or forty seconds at most; soon Barnstormer is obviously straining to continue.
> Before you can even step in to warn him, he is gliding, then stumbling into a landing.
> Though rough for him, it is far smoother for Megan.
> She promptly leans forward and hugs him around the neck, heedless of the sweat he had built up during the short flight.
> "That was amazing! Do you still feel like going on? We can head back-"
> "I'll b'fine Mis'ressh."
> Though the bit, he actually gives a whinny and laugh.
> "I did i'! I really did i'!"
> You touch down on his once side; Flurry Heart joins him on the other, nuzzling her mistress.
"You did - and quite well, all things considered. If you're done flying for today, though, I might head off?"
> "I think we are. Thank you, Miss Cadance!"
> "Than' 'ou!"
> Laughing softly, you lean over and give Flurry Heart a motherly nuzzle before turning and spreading your wings again.
> Anonymous is right where you had left him:
> Seated just outside the manor, stretched out and enjoying a brief soak in the afternoon sun.
> You touch down next to him without a word; he offers you one of the two cushions he had brought out with him.
"So. What did you think?"
> "They're bonding well. He'll be fine, I think."
> You settle down, sprawling out on the cushion and folding your wings.
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