The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> In the distance Barnstormer walks back across the field:
> Megan still on his back, and Flurry hovering excitedly around her shoulders.
"He has someone who cares again. That's all we need."
> "He has a future."
> Anonymous' hand settles on your back, rubbing softly.
> Your eyes continue to rove; they fall on the large, open field near the edge of camp where the whipping posts had once been set up.
> Celestia above - how long had it been now, since you'd first condemned six ponies to those posts?
> Since you'd taken your place at the post in turn and suffered the same?
> The scars, though long since healed over, itch in sympathy with the memory.
> Ten months, no more.
> And yet, so much has changed.
"We all have a future now. A path forward."
> "Yes. You once told me, Cadance, that you were always afraid of what Celestia would think of what you did here."
"It was my guiding principle for a long time."
> "I think she'd be proud. You've been a good leader -"
> You start to turn towards him, and Anonymous quickly corrects:
> "-not just for me. I know that's what you were afraid of; I mean for them. You really have been, Cadance, and you should be proud."
"I could have done better."
> "Maybe. Maybe not."
> Anonymous shrugs lightly, resting his elbows on his knees and hands on his chin.
> "We don't know the impact of every choice we make, unless fortune-telling is something you can do too. Their results might not be immediate. But all things considered, the choices you've made - we've made - have been good ones."
> You aren't so sure.
> Even so, you extend a wing to lightly touch his shoulder in return for the gesture.
> That lasts for a minute before you slip away from his touch and take to the air again.
> Your destination this time, an empty rooftop of a taller building from which you could survey much of the rest of the camp.
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