The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> There you touch down, falling to your belly and lying there - staring into the distance in silent contemplation of what you have done.
> And the rewards it has reaped.
> Those are visible from this perch too, written in the actions of every pony living here now.
> In the distance, Rumble walks alongside Mocha Cream - both engaged in deep conversation, his wing stretched across her and pace slow to match her limp:
> A bristling, angry soul, now turned to heartfelt protection of a fearful one.
> Sunburst emerges from the town hall alongside Mayor Mare.
> The older mare pauses and stretches deeply in the late-afternoon warmth.
> Sunburst watches her with a small smile as she gathers herself up and returns to the documents they had been consulting.
> From the tumbling procession of the camp's foals who follow him out, you're certain it was something to do with them.
> The next generation, now under the careful tutelage and care of the last.
> Elsewhere, a distant dark-grey shape circles over the edge of the camp -
> Thunderlane, always vigilant for trouble.
> Except for the moment when he pops down to a rooftop, just as a door opens for Vapor Trail to emerge.
> New love, fresh and passionate, reborn like Aunt Celestia’s phoenix from the ashes of the old.
> They share a deep kiss - her leaned back and up, he dipping his head while still hovering midair - and she passes a package up to him.
> Dinner, no doubt, for his evening watch.
> He is not the only guard visible; elsewhere, you can see Seismic Shift's large profile lumbering through the streets, while one of the griffons converses quietly with a pony as two more perch like hawks on a roofline above.
> Dedicated, just, and fearless protectors, carrying on the traditions Shining Armor had embodied.
> It isn't quiet sundown yet, but already some distant smells of cooking are rising from the rec hall:
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