The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Bon Bon trots from an alleyway, Crescent Moon at her side; they wait there - conversing softly - until Lyra appears at the far end of the street.
> She shares a brief nuzzle with her marefriend, and all three of them turn for the rec hall and trot off together, talking excitedly.
> They, like many other ponies, will gather there tonight to eat together.
> Surrounded by symbols of Equestria and a sense of community that just for a few moments will let them forget they are the property of another.
> That fact still looms over the whole situation:
> You are still property, still slaves.
> But that fact does not seem to be so immutable anymore, with the only recourse being a danger-filled dash for total freedom.
> Now there is a fresh, new path to follow.
> Not the fastest, nor necessarily the easiest.
> Certainly not the most dignified - but, you think, not a bad one either.
> Megan’s eyes are opening.
> Already her sympathies rise; in time she will come to understand the true cruelty of slavery.
> Abstract ‘sad things’ you had told her of coming into sharper focus when she matures.
> Arlene Donovan had feared keeping your trust with Anonymous would set back freedom by decades, but that didn't seem right to you.
> Twice you had been taught the lesson that ponies needed to watch out for each other above all else:
> Once when you had abandoned Flurry Heart in the hope that both she and you could slip away before slavery's jaws snapped shut around you.
> That mistake had cost Flurry her safety and doomed her to neglect.
> Yet somehow you still hadn't learned.
> You'd pushed ponies to flee individually, and cost yet more ponies their lives and well-being.
> No more.
> Ponies support each other.
> By accepting that freedom will not come soon - but not leaping for another distant hope - you have planted the seed of freedom, and at the roots of the very ‘humane slavery’ Arlene feared would form a foundation for the next generation.
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