The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> “I’m afraid not. Skyla’s at a conference somewhere in India, I think -”
> She rolls her eyes, a childish gesture she’d never quite grown out of.
> “Between you and me, I think she’s taking this whole ‘Princess’ business a bit too seriously. And Mom… Mom’s starting to feel her years too, I think.”
“I’d have liked to see her again, but in the end I’m just glad to see you here.”
> Dropping down the bed, she settles against your side; a wing extends out across your belly.
> Even through the thin dress you wear, you can still feel the warmth of her body against you - echoes and memories of passions whose fires have long since faded to embers.
> “It’s still good to see you again, Mistress.”
“You know you don’t have to call me that now, Flurry.”
> “I know, I know. ‘Free’.”
> Her muzzle brushes your cheek - a chaste and modest kiss, so very far different than those you’d shared in years past.
> But no less loving than those passionate touches.
> “But you have still earned it, love.”
> You brush aside her mane with one hand and kiss the tip of her snout.
“Flattery is beneath you, ‘Your Highness’.”
> Flurry giggles, nuzzling your forehead.
> “It’s true, though. You’ve done so much for us. We’re free because of you-”
“You are free because you never gave up.”
> Her eyes roll again.
> “Yes, yes. But you set all of that in motion. You marched at the head. You stood up to your father, asked him questions neither myself or my mother could-”
> Cutting her off with a finger to her muzzle, you shake your head.
“Flurry… do you ever still think about - before?”
> “Before?”
“Before my father - purchased you.”
> Pain flickers across her eyes - a distant, muted pain dulled by many long years but never totally healed.
> “Sometimes, yes.”
“The old dreams, still?”
> She nods, slowly.
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