The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> “Sometimes I’m back on display, chained to the post out in the rain. Sometimes I’m a foal, sometimes grown - always helpless.”
> Leaning in, she brushes her cheek to yours and goes on:
> “More often, though, I dream about being with you. Being happy. Being safe and warm and loved.”
> You don’t answer, and Flurry Heart whispers softly:
> “What is wrong, Mistress?”
“I… sometimes wonder. Did I do enough? Was it soon enough? You said I stood up to my father, but how many years did I not know how to ask? Could he have changed before that if I said-”
> “You did all a little girl could be expected to do.”
> Standing, Flurry climbs from the bed.
> A moment later magic surrounds it entirely, the room rearranging itself to allow the bed’s shifting over towards a window.
> Then she returns to sitting at your side, but this time having propped you the rest of the way up so you can look through the window.
> There extends rows and rows of rooftops - not a camp now so much as a proper town.
> The fences were long gone.
> A place to live now, rather than be imprisoned in.
> “Look at all of this, Megan. This would not have happened without you. You did all a filly - a child - could do.”
> Her head comes to rest on your shoulder, while you huff softly.
“Yes, and not one of you will let me forget it. Barnstormer visited last week, did you know?”
> “No! Did he bring his foals this time too?”
“Well, they’re hardly foals anymore - he did bring the grandfoals, though. And then insisted on sitting them down and telling them all about everything I had done to help ponies…”
> Now it is your turn to roll your eyes.
“I made sure not to leave you out, of course.”
> “I never doubted you.”
> You lift a finger to lightly tap her nose.
“This is serious, Flurry. Like I said, you did more than a little filly ever should.”
> “Hah, hah.”
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