The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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“I mean it. You did so much for me… did you know I still have your collar?”
> “My last one? But I thought that’s the one I gave to the-”
“Your first one.”
> Her eyes mist up, mouth forming a small ‘o’.
> “Y-You still…”
“In the stand - the one that was beside my bed.”
> Flurry Heart cants her head, horn lit.
> Though you do not turn yours, you can hear the stand’s drawer scrape open.
> She sets the collar on the bed between the two of you - a short length of buckle-ended fabric.
> Light and short, only long enough to constrain a filly’s throat.
> “Why?”
> Her voice was shaky and eyes misted over.
“Because I wanted to remember - how good you were for me. You and your mother both. Even when you were bonded to me as my - my property.”
> “Oh, Megan…”
> Flurry lays the collar down on your chest, then rests her head on your side as well.
> "You never needed a collar to bind me to you. Your heart was always enough."
> There seems to be no good answer to this, and instead you slip a hand about her.
> One great wing - broad and voluminous as a blanket, her feathers now tipped with purple just as her mother's had been - stretches across you.
> You lay a kiss on her forehead, just beneath her horn.
> And for just the briefest moment, you feel as though you were a young girl again:
> Happy, content, curled up and dozing with the sleepy filly who meant the most to you in the whole world.
> With your friend.

Thank you all for being on this insane ride with me. I'll give some final thoughts on the experience of CYOS tomorrow.
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