You are Tread Softly, team lead of your tank crew for your university. It's your job to lead your team to victory in the tank games.
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>Compass Rose University: Premiere learning institution of Fillydelphia!

>Well, sort of. It's not the largest and most prestigious of universities in Equestria, or even in this city, but its academic credentials are solid enough. Plus, it's peaceful. The original explorer Compass Rose, one of the trailblazers who helped found Fillydelphia, donated significant tracks of land to the founding of this institution and bid that much of it never be built upon. This would, she hoped, result in "a calming and naturalistic learning environment for all students". You're not quite sure about all that, but hey, at least there's less city bustle out here and you get a nice view in-between cram sessions.

>You are a relatively new student to the university. Only been here a few weeks and still finding your way about. You're just making your way out into the sunshine after today's lecture when you spy a small group of ponies crowded around the notice board on the ground floor of the building you're in, chattering excitedly amongst themselves. Even for a fairly new student like yourself, you know anypony paying any attention to what's on that notice board to be an unusual occurrence by itself, much less full-blown excitement. This bears worth investigating.

>"Holy... they're actually bringing it here!" a young pegasus declares excitedly as you approach. "Tank fighting's coming to Compass Rose!"

>You look to the notice board, and sure enough, there it is. It's a big flyer (almost a poster, really) that dominates the notice board, about half of which is taken up by a picture of a tank. An older-looking student stands proudly before the war machine, wearing one of those awful official Compass Rose University blazers nopony in their right mind ever wears voluntarily. It's supposed to be inspiring, but just winds up looking damnably silly. Still, the point is made clearly enough, especially on the text blow.

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