You wake up on a beach. Find a cure.
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>You aren't sure how long you've been laying in the sand, listening to the gentle sound of the sea.
>Listening to as much as yo can, anyway. Your head is ringing like a school bell. If only you could remember the reason for that.
>Eventually you open your eyes to see the slanted view of a sunny beach.
>Deciding you're not being very productive by just laying on the ground, you slowly and painfully get on your hooves and look around you.
>Laying on the ground, where you were just laying, is a small compass.
>You pick it up with your magic and observe your surroundings.
>North: A forest of tall, narrow trees. It seems to have a very faint blue glow coming from it.
>East: down the beach towards a large collection of towering rocks.
>South: Down towards the edge of the beach. There is a large collection of broken wood, and other misc. Objects. There is something shiny in the amidst the parts.
>West: More beach, as far as the eye can see.
What do you do?
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