You are a merc just trying to live day by day. And make as much money as possible.
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Part One: Enter the Magical Realm

But, before we begin, you must face one question. A question that both man and ponykind has asked themselves since the beginning of time. I cannot answer it, for you alone can only be to one to ask and answer this simple question.

Who am I?

Ah, such a short query, but so many possible answers… Well, who the fuck are you?

>I am a foal of the land. I am as strong as the earth ‘neath my hooves and just as stubborn to boot. None may move me just as none may move a mountain. I am an Earth Pony.

>I am a gazer of the stars. I am a pony attuned to the vast arcane energies that bind Equestria together. Magic flows through my body like a river, waiting to be harnessed. I am a Unicorn.

>I am a warden of the winds and a walker of the clouds. I fly freely through the air with a grace unmatched by any other being in Equestria, shaping its very weather as I see fit. I am a Pegasus.

>I am a pillar of the community and a citizen of my grand city-state of crystal. My heart swells with love, I serve my friends, my Empress, and the Crystal Heart with duty and diligence. I am a Crystal Pony

>I am a stalker of the night, a former pegasus given a rare blessing by Princess Luna herself to serve whilst my fellow Equestrians slumber. I am the one who stands watch against all things that go bump in the night. I am a Nocturnal. (*cough* batpony*cough*)

>I am a being of raw elemental power, a young member of the oldest race in Equestria. As ageless as stone, my people have watched as those around us grow and change while we still remain the same. My raw strength is beat only by my iron will. I am a Dragon.

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