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!!SHCKelk1UiJ 2017-03-05 09:33:28 No. 29613429
Welcome to The Age of Strife: An /mlp/ Quest!

ITT: I, OP, will be taking you on a ride through the third age of Equestria. A time long before the original Elements of Harmony were born, with the unification of the three pony tribes still fresh in the minds of Equestrians everywhere, where Princesses Celestia and Luna struggle to maintain peace under the chaotic reign of Discord and ordinary ponies rise to the occasion with the dreams of becoming great heroes and defending their young nation. You, of course are one of them. Wouldn't be much fun if you weren't.

This quest will be run in a tabletop system, the 5th edition of D&D to be exact. Meme at me all you want, but this is how I want to do it. It’s fun for me, and I’ll make it fun for you if you trust me and play along. Mechanical babble will be at a minimum except when you guys ask for it. I will, of course, be acting as the Dungeon Master and you all as the players. Feel free to ask any questions on how I run things.

I'll give it a few minutes before I drop the first post of the session. I know it's a bit early in the morning and my fellow burgers are just rolling out of bed. Before it gets on, I'll have you know I can't into art. At all. So unless I attract a wandering drawfag, I'll be sticking with any stock D&D-esque images I can pull off of Derpibooru. The quest may also be a bit slow-moving, as even 5e requires a bit of paperwork to pull off, so if I'm quiet, I'm not dead, just juggling PDFs and wordpad files.

Let's go.
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