You wake up to find yourself in a forest with a colorful equine as company. Surely nothing could go wrong.
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>You open your eyes and situp.
>It's dusk, the trees sway in the wind a bit.
>Its cold and your bottom is wet.
>It looks like you're sitting in a bog or swampy bit of land.
>Your eyes almost immediately come across a pony wearing clothes.
>Your chest feels the relief of not being entirely alone here.
"Um, excuse me.."
>"Oh, hello there stranger.."
>She seems nervous.
"I'm just curious as to how I got here, or where 'here' even is."
>She smiles.
>"Heh, I'm wondering that myself. I just woke up here and I have no idea where I am."
>She is a rather pretty pony..
"H-hey, maybe we should stick together, you know, strength in numbers?"
>"That's a good idea. My name is Sunset by the way."
>She walks up offering her hoof.
>You stomp through out of the murky bits reaching out to take it.
"I'm Anon, it's nice to meet you."
>The wind seems to pick up as your hand meets her hoof.
>She shivers.
>"Ooh, we'd better get out of here, who knows what could happen if we get caught here after dark."

>Surveying the area in front of you see masses of trees close together but the land looks dry.
>Behind you a marshy sort of area but the trees are spread farther apart.
>Inventory consists of:
>A twenty dollar bill.
>Dead Smartphone.
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