Fucker shows up in Equestria. Chrysalis orders him to assassinate Cadence. Eh, why not.
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2014-11-17 11:44:45 No. 20674543
>You are Fucker
>But, today, you’re one lucky Fucker
>It didn’t all start great and nice, After all, already at your birth, your drunkard dad decided to call you with this mockery of a name
>”AHAHAHHA! I’m already at the bottom, and there is no way this fucker son of mine is going to get out of the hole!”
>That was his idea of a joke
>A now 20 years-old joke
>Oh, you could have changed your name already
>But you promised yourself than one day…
>One day this Fucker will rise to the top
>And a swarm of people will chant your name
>And it’ll be incredibly silly because your name is Fucker
>Back to current time
>After a long quest, you finally found the Doritos Triforce
>This artefact of modern time will grant one wish to the one who will assemble the parts
>Which are three perfectly flat and equilateral Doritos
>Little shits where hard to find
>But now you’re here alone in your room, and you’ve got one wish for you

What do?
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