A war stirs between the northern powers. Can you survive as a lowly scout on the front lines?
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>One after another, sudden gusts of cold wind come and go, fresh air entering your muzzle and an uncomfortable sensation leaving your tail. It doesn't help that this cloak has the effectiveness of a wooden horseshoe.
>Resting atop the mound, past the forest you just left, you have a moment to yourself, observing the magnificence before your eyes: the open expanses of the North, land of hearty ponies, freezing and yet homely. Your home. To the left, the treeline of the forest extends to incredible lengths.
>It is from this forest that you, along with three other ponies, have come here. Young as you are, and indebted to the North, you've taken on a temporary role as scouts, helping your adults detect threats to what's left of the tribal union. Everyone with a healthy body, no matter their trade or talent, has taken up arms once again against the oncoming menace. Being a young unicorn lad, a rare sight in these lands, your father insisted that it would be good for your constitution.
>In the distance, a column of smoke rises between the trees of another patch of greenery. It is the enemy, surely, since that forest falls into their border, and they've grown cocky, so much as to not mind their own steps. You, on the contrary, must remain alert.
>You could step forth, maybe past the border, and see for yourself. However, that's not what you were asked of, and there is a small pond nearby, in the forest, where your partners are probably meeting. You could also go in any other direction, within your borders, or stay here.

>Now then, where should you go for a start...?
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