A war stirs between the northern powers. Can you survive as a lowly scout on the front lines?
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>There's not much contest for you, after a momentary rest you turn around and retrace your steps into the forest. Alone and unarmed, you stand no chance against what lurks beyond that border. Your partners should be at the pond soon; maybe you can arrive first.
>The scenery of the North, while the only you know, is truly mesmerizing, as everything is covered in dew and blue mist, entrapped in a veil of cold beauty. The tall pines of the forest give shelter as you carefully return to the water source, making sure you're not seen.
>Eventually, you arrive at your destination: a small body of water in the middle of a clearing. Many wonders exist in this land, and many so simple. Approaching with care, you take a sip of the water. It's near frozen, but it satisfies your thirst.
>It seems that the rest of your group hasn't arrived yet, and so you entertain the thought of taking a good look at yourself in the mirror of still water. Raising your cloak from the side, you take a good look at your cutie mark first. Many interesting marks have found their way into this war, from bakers to adventurers, everyone is making the effort. As for yourself...

>What is your cutie mark?
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