All the candy has been stolen out of the city the day before Nightmare Night. It's your job to find out why.
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>The town of Trottingham, far from mainland Equestria, prepares for Nightmare Night in their own true fashion. The week prior to the event, all the confectioners, bakers and other producers of sweets work tirelessly to prepare insane amounts of candy for foals and adults alike to enjoy and chomp on during this celebrated night. Surely a fine example of health care.
>This year, however, something has gone amiss. The morning of Nightmare Night, when the loads of sweets were finished and being arranged for the night's feast, all the stock keepers of the southern area of town found, terrified, that their sweets had disappeared. Not a single ounce of product was left, an entire quarter of the town's supplies gone with the wind. And that's only the beginning.
>In the city's old and proud town hall, the population of Trottingham gathers and complains, huffs and puffs, snorts and whinnies, and makes other varied mammal noises. Tensions are high as the mayor, an old unicorn always suited up for work, begs for calm among the citizens demanding a solution to the problem that threatens to end this year's Nightmare Night with the endless cries of foals, the town bells tolling for the death of many dreams.
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