You can't escape the city. Warlords wage war for control city block by city block. You've been sent to kill them.
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Chalk Dust awakes in a dark, but surprisingly spacious locker. She is not sure how she got there. She is not sure who she is either. The ground under her hooves rumbles and everything is shaking slightly. This is making her nauseous...

>GAME INFO: I'll use these asides to discuss out of character things. Currently, I have zero artistic talent, this was sketched up by a friend. However, even though I'm pushing myself to learn the art of drawing pone, illustrations in this quest will be few and far in between to speed up responses.

>DESCRIPTION: Chalk is a unicorn mare with a SHORT AND STOUT figure. Her cutie mark is a Chalkboard with an equal sign on it. Her hair done in a bun and it seems someone chopped part of her tail off, because she feels like it was longer at one point. She has a small knapsack, but she is unsure of what is in it yet.
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