You lucked your way through high school and now it's time to attend university with humanized ponies.
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Hey buddies. I'm gonna try my hand at a CYOA. Kthnx.

>Be senior year in high school
>Senior year, you're just DGAF-ing at home after school one day
>Who are you kidding, you're fucking anxious since today is the day admission emails for Stanford and Harvard are sent.
>Go home, have a fap, check your email. You're excited as fuck until...
>You remember you're a fucking idiot. Both schools have outright rejected you. Not even waitlisted.
>At least you had a back up, right? Not enough backups at least. You're too lazy to fill out the applications.
>Fucking Common App.
>Some place called Canterlot U. None of your friends have ever heard of it, and they hound you about going to some unknown school.
>Might as well sign that "Statement of Intent to Register". You're not going to community college.
>Fill out some extra bullshit
>After writing your SSN 20 times and your birthday twice, they want your projected major.
>You want to major in...

A. Science
B. Humanities

Your major will affect the classes you will take and the characters that you may see more often than not. However, the choice in major can be changed throughout the year and will not eliminate certain characters from the story line.
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