A sequel/reboot to Canterlot University
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Hey m8s. Thought I'd try my hand doing a new spin of a great old thing. So, if it's your first time here, welcome. And those of you who know us, stay a while, and join us for this new rendition of Anon's life in Canterlot University.

>Be senior year in high school
>Senior year, you're just DGAF-ing at home after school one day
>Who are you kidding, you're fucking anxious since today is the day admission emails for Stanford and Harvard are sent.
>Go home, have a fap, check your email. You're excited as fuck until...
>You remember you're a fucking idiot. Both schools have outright rejected you. Not even waitlisted.
>At least you had a back up, right? Not enough backups at least. You're too lazy to fill out the applications.
>Fucking Common App.
>Some place called Canterlot U. None of your friends have ever heard of it, and they hound you about going to some unknown school.
>Might as well sign that "Statement of Intent to Register". You're not going to community college.
>Fill out some extra bullshit
>After writing your SSN 20 times and your birthday twice, they want your projected major.
>You want to major in...

A. Science
B. Humanities
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