You have ten days off and have decided to attend the Summer Sun Festival in Canterlot this year with a buddy. What will you do with you vacation?
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>Manehatten is as noisy as ever.
>Rubbing your eyes to wake yourself up, you trot into the shower to prepare yourself for the rest of the day.
>The soothing warmth from the water slowly clears your mind...
>The Canterlot Summer Festival starts tomorrow.
>Your boss was kind enough to give you some time off to relieve some stress.
>So, with ten days worth of free time, you'll be heading to Canterlot via train with your friend to partake in the festivities there.
>What's better is that you don't even need to pay a dime for the travel expenses.
>Ah... the perks of having an overwhelmingly rich pony for a best friend.
>You're supposed to meet your friend at the train station to leave for Canterlot by noon.
>It's still early morning, you can stay in the shower for a while.

What's your gender, pony race, and name?
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