After a drunken one night stand, a peaceful batpony named Mango found herself changed. She couldn't see her reflection, and had a thirst for blood.
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!!SJ+PAka9dUx 2015-10-07 10:44:24 No. 24981509
>You awake in the night with an intense headache...
>Ughhh just what did you do last night?
>You hold your hoof to your head to try and quell the pain but it barely helps.
>You have an intense need to piss.
>You sit up to see the hotel room...wait...why are you in a hotel room?
>The room is decent and seems to be a middle class hotel with average carpeting and the smell of having been recently sit on a double wide bed with neat clean covers and a small endtable next to it.
>oh shit right you need to piss.
>You slowly limp into the bathroom and empty your bowels in the white checkered tile bathroom....
>You look into the mirror and splash water in your face.

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