You are the leader of a Mercenary crew in space. Take jobs and make your mark on the galaxy.
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2015-06-15 12:34:36 No. 23470441

Halfway through. Pushing it, but so far so good.


I'd be all up for it.

What a ride it's gonna be
with us three...


A mechanic and an electric dragon? Sounds like they're made for each other.

Good thing Zara can keep her Volts low.

Will she be ok with watching over the Changeling and helping Rivet simultaneously or would she rather have someone give her a shift change?

2015-06-15 09:22:14 No. 23469192
Not to step on toes here, i know it has been discussed and approved of for the most part in the past but still, would you guys be opposed to a secondary CYOA alongside our current one?

I just personally hate it when a good thread becomes a bumpfest and thats not to say our glorious writer Space Horse is unsatisfactory, i get that it can't be helped and that we do have things to do and lives to live, i just wana see about keeping a good pace and giveing content that both entertaing and keeps you guys thinking.

have a bugpone because the whole board is going nuts.

!!lb4jYQmrd/Y 2015-06-15 11:40:29 No. 23469943
I'd love to see something else, go for it. And thank you for the bugpone.

I wonder how Zircon Anon is doing?

2015-06-15 12:44:58 No. 23470557

Then let us begin.

>You sighed stareing at the steel table infront of you.
>It seemed like hours since another officer talked to you and the silence was maddening.
>You had been arrested for suspicious activity upon arriving at this station.
>Odds are some ass had a bad day and wanted to take it out in you.
>Or that you did fail to present proper identification...
>But you know that regardless of who you are, they can't do anything without proof of a real crime.
>Finally, the silence was broken as the door to the room slid open and a broad pony walked through.
>The unicorn stallion slid you a paper as he turned through an inch worth of pages on a clip board, paying you almost no attention.
>"Fill out this medical paper, you can pick up your things and once we forge you a proper ID you are free to go."
>Looking through the paper you fill out and check off answers untill two remain.
>What species are you?
>What gender are you?

Time to choose people, all species are available, you guys can even crossbreed two different ones.

You will gain stats and perks all depending on race and gender, not one will be alike!

U bein cheeky m8?
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