Your are Aurora Flare, an apprentice of King Sombra, and your life is on the line. Destroy the Crystal Heart within a week's time or suffer Sombra's wrath
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As you walk through the empty, brooding halls of once beautiful and glittering Crystal castle, you cannot help but tremble. Those who are not slaving in the mines or on the rock farms are bended by the Fidelity Helmets to fight in the South. Nobody passes those halls except you, Royal Centurion Golden Shield and King Sombra. Nobody breaks the creeping, almost echoing silence of the shadow corridor.

You stop in front of the giant, thickly framed door. It towers above you.

You gulp, loudly, every motion and every sigh reflecting in the empty building back at you.

The Shadow King has personally called for you, and you know better than anyone that he hates waiting.

The doors swing open, both sides shattering against the walls as the cold, almost dead wind from the inside entangles you, forcing you to step inside as you cowardly shudder.

> [Talk] “It is me, Aurora Flare, Your Majesty.”
> [Talk] “You called for me, Your Majesty?”
> [Action] Remain silent, allowing King Sombra to speak first.
> [Action] Look around the room, trying to spot something.
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