Your are Aurora Flare, an apprentice of King Sombra, and your life is on the line. Destroy the Crystal Heart within a week's time or suffer Sombra's wrath
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Your name is Aurora Flare.

Among the citizens of the Crystal Kingdom, you are one of the very few who does not wear the Fidelity Helmet. As well as that, you are among the very few whom willingly, despite the atrocities and horrors he committed, bended their knees before the Tyrant of the North, Your Majesty King Sombra.

Your friends and family fought and resisted until their own depressing ends and right now, you know nothing of their whereabouts or if they are even alive. They stand and fight against the united armies of Equestria and Princess Celestia without having the strength to back down. King Sombra’s grip on their mind and soul leaves nothing for them but to beg and grovel, unable to control their own bodies.

If defeated and imprisoned, the helmet is removed and all the crimes are forgiven. Yet, you are different. You are a Traitor like no other; One, who without a shred of doubt or dignity threw their love, friendship and loyalty to remain in possession of your own mind, even if it meant helping to destroy Equestria. All of it did not matter. You’ve picked the winning side. You are the better mare.

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