Follow a catbird in a racist community as he tries to live his life.
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!xO5EFsiPxo 2016-09-21 06:16:44 No. 28471004
“Alright, alright! Don’t get sassy”
>She smirks, freckled face flashing satisfaction as you get to your paws, taking a moment to arch your back as you stretch
>Taking a quick peek into a tiny, cracked mirror, you make sure that your feathers are looking fabulous
>”Let’s go beauty queen, you already had a decent catnap”
>Rolling your eyes you hop down off of the cart, the mare giving a little jump pulling up with her hooves as she spills in
>Walking around the front you reluctantly start hooking up the harness to your belly, buckling it
“I needed to get some exercise in anyway I’ll have you know. Gotta keep my rear firm”
>She props up in the cart on a pile of supplies, tucking a hoof behind her head as she dismissively waves the other
>”Blah blah blah, less chatting, more pulling”
>She’s always been a brash mare, a self-described ‘go getter’
>But she means well
>With a huff you dig your paws into the dirt, the wooden cart wheels giving a creak as they slowly lurch forward
>Only moments later and you and Velvet are off
>It’s still pretty dark out, the first rays of sun still penetrating over the horizon, but you follow along the railroad tracks that you two had been trailing for the past few days
>They, like most things out here get hard to look at after a while, as they seem to head off into the distance forever
>How Velvet talked you into taking a route through the scrubland is beyond you
>Dutifully pulling, the sound of rummaging behind you signals that the mare is feeling a bit restless, eventually leaning over the front of the cart slightly
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