Follow a catbird in a racist community as he tries to live his life.
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!xO5EFsiPxo 2016-09-21 05:26:57 No. 28470692
>Your half-conscious mind idly senses the creaks and tiny jolts, the world feeling like it’s gently moving along
>Everything is dark, on account of your closed eyes
>Noy that it wouldn’t make a difference if you opened them anyway, as you shut them in the middle of the night not too long ago
>Or at least you think. Your body doesn’t really seems to want to look into it much, on account that it’s grateful to be getting some rest
>Of all the things in the world, you really learned to put a high value on rest whenever you could grab it, especially over the past week because-
>Your brain starts to become aware of a new sensation, much different than the monotonous sway that it was becoming accustomed to
>No, this is a new sensation. Something more abrupt, intense. Almost like a small jab
>That’s when you realize that the pad of your paw is being poked
>”Hey. Hey wake up sleepyhead, your turn to pull”
>Slightly groaning, you shift just a bit onto your side
“Five more minutes…”
>”Come on Guri, it’s time to switch off”
>You finally open up your eyes, but not much changes in the dim, early morning twilight
>However, the distinct face of a familiar unicorn can be made out
>Rubbing your head as you sit up, you fail to stifle a yawn from your beak as you glance at a small clock in the cart
“Velvet, it’s only been an hour, what the heck?”
>”I keep telling you, I’m half your size, so I pull for half the time!”
>She was a taller mare, but a bit skinny, so she did have a point you guess
>Especially when compared to a griffon
>”Besides, I already took the harness off. Now move it catbutt”
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